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Blooming Azaleas (1911), Gio Giacometti
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[no. 22-04-21]
Augusto Giacometti was a Swiss painter from Stampa, Graubünden.
Giacometti is a well-known name in the art. His nephew was Augusto. Other members of the creative family were Giovanni, Alberto, Diego and Bruno Giacometti. These were the times of Art Nouveau and Symbolism.


Augusto Giacometti was een Zwitserse schilder uit Stampa, Graubünden. Giacometti is een bekende naam in de kunstgeschiedenis. Augusto was de neef van Giovanni Giacometti, die de vader was van Alberto, Diego en Bruno Giacometti. Hij was een prominente schilder in de Art Nouveau and Symbolism bewegingen.

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Blooming Azaleas, 1911, Gio Giacometti [no. 22-04-21]

 125,00 incl. VAT, excl. VAT: € 103,31

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