An overview of the Collections and Scarves



ARTWORK Collection

Carlo Crivelli, Edward Hopper,Franz MarcGerrit BerckheydeGio GiacomettiGustav KlimtH.M. MesdagJoaquin ClaussellKarl WienerKatsushika HokusaiMax LiebermannOtto FreundlichPaul CezannePaul KleeRembrandt van RhijnWassily KandinskyWilliam Turner


Collection Nature and Environment

Tulips from Holland


supplemented with

Our Own Designs (DesignsOfDavid):

Collection industrial and Urban Poetry


Toys for Boys, The Curse of Curves, Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam and to be reissued: Paradise by the Dashboard Light, City Lights, Maggie’s Farm, Tire Tracks and broken Hearts, You got the Silver, You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy, Bright Light big City, I’d sit on his Lap in that big old Buick, Preferring the Beauty of Chaos over ugly Perfection and Wonder how your Engines feel, Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam,On the Road


To be continued!


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